Richard BucknerThe FTA Show, produced and hosted by a true American and retired Marine, Mr. Richard Buckner, "the voice of Free To Air".

FTA channels are the free channels that you can receive from satellite.
If you want the latest news about FTA satellite and emerging technologies, check back here each week for the latest shows.
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Proud MarineThe FTA Show is the fastest growing show about FTA.  Are you interested in advertising on the FTA Show?  The FTA Show offers very reasonable rates.  Covering satellite and emerging technologies draws a big audience.  If you sell advanced products, this is the perfect place for you to advertise.

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Sathero SH-200Sathero SH-200 works anywhere in the world and is a lightest and most practical Digital Satellite TV Signal meter in the world.  It is a professional satellite finder tool of cost effective design for the satellite TV installer or end user.

Simplified design, simplified menus, easy operations. The whole meter has only seven shortcut buttons, easy for new users.

Easily and quickly search DVB-S2, DVB-S, MPEG-4, ABS-S, MPEG-4, CBS2/MPEG4, ISDB(Japan BSD HDTV) and other satellite signals.

High contrast, anti-glare LCD Screen in bold font. Menu can be read easily in the sun without shading.

First Strike Digital Satellite MeterFirst Strike FS1 Meter

If you have always wanted a professional satellite finder meter but didn't want to pay the "BIG BUCKS", this is the meter for you.  First Strike Meters are made for the professional but are easy for the Novice to understand and use.  No more searching through complicated menus to find the setting you need to change.  All required parameters show on one screen making it easy for the user to modify any setting.

Don't let the price fool you, the FS1 First Strike satellite finder meter will give you all the signal measurements that you need to install or re-align your satellite dish at a price you can afford.

First Strike Meters is looking for dealers and distributors.  Contact us if you are interested.  We are quickly becoming the most popular meter available.  Be part of our First Strike Team.
DMS International - wholesale only
DMS International for all your FTA wholesale needs.  Buy with confidence.  Buy from a "wholesale only" company.  We don't compete with our dealers or resellers.
Spitfire Elite 0.1 dB LNBFSpitfire Elite Ku LNBF

Digital HQ Universal Ku Single LNBF with 0.1 dB noise figure and 40mm throat easily installs on your dish. Replace your existing LNBF with this Elite performer for a more stable picture and possibly more channels than you are getting now.

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Want hear earlier shows?  If you have a slow internet connection or if you would just like to start collecting the shows, they are available on DVD.  There is a small charge to cover the cost of materials and shipping.  If you want more information on this, email Richard Buckner.